No Title: Video-Animation for Sonic Generator Concert

2008, No Title, 10'. A colloborated work with Geoffrey Thomas for Sonic Generator Concert on April 3rd 2008. Live flute performance by Jessica Sherwood accompanied by animated video. The iconic American waitress inspired Eric Moe for his Let Me Tell U About R Specials (2005), a lively work for flute, electronically manipulated flute sounds, and dialogue. The animation explores the ephemeral nature and emptiness of contemporary life.

Umbilical Cord
2004, Gobek Bagi (Umbilical Cord), 5'. Fiction. Director : Ozge Samanci Script : Ozge Samanci Producer :Guldem Baykal Buyuksarac Crane and Camera : Emre Gokdeniz, Yusuf Atmaca Editing : Volkan Cetin Light: Basak Doga Temur Sound: Seda Ergul, Barkin Engin. Camera crawls into one of the apartments of the city and traces the belongings of the occupants. Can we guess about the occupants and their relationship? Contributed to International Film Festival in Athens and If Istanbul.
Saving Diana
Sleep then

2004, 1943, 8' 23" Performance Video Director : Çiçek Kahraman Script : Tuna Erdem, Seda Ergül Camera : Özge Samanci, Çiçek Kahraman, Aysem Ergin, Alex Melli Editing : Çiçek Kahraman Performance : Seda Ergül, Tuna Erdem Producer :PCFE In Prague, at Imperial Cafe, cookies left over from the previous day are on sale to be thrown to the customers for 1943 Crowns. And this not a joke. Contributed to If Istanbul.

2007, Diana'yi Kurtarmak (Saving Diana), Experimental-Cut out Animation 3'. Director: Gulgun Ozek Script: Gulgun Ozek Music: Doruk Ozturkcan Photographs: Emre Uzer, Animation: Ozge Samanci, Ozlem Duygu, Collage: Gulgun Ozek. What is written on the sealed letter left by Ahmet and is it possible to save Princess Diana? Contributed to If Istanbul and 18. Ankara International Film Festival.

2004, Uyku Sonra (Sleep and Then), 8' 30" Director: Övgü Gökçe Script: Övgü Gökçe Art Director: Özgür Baltaoglu Editing: Ilker Canikligil, Çiçek Kahraman Acting: Senem Aytaç, Ercan Ülger, Salih Gören, Didem Demirkol Uçar Productor: Enis Köstepen Credits Design: Ozge Samanci. In her sleep, the girl is in trouble. The reference letter given for her does not help. She has to wake up. 1. Columbia Tristar National Short Film Competition (Turkey) Best Experimental Film Award and 16. Ankara International Film Festival Best Experimental Film Award.
2000, Gozluk (Glasses), 3' 18", Fiction. Director: Ozge Samanci. Script: Ozge Samanci. Camera: Defne Tuzun, Kerem Deren. Acting: Ayca Bingol, Ali Altug, Aycil Yeltan, Eda Ozel. The girl who is late for her class bumps into a boy at the corner. Her father is an optician and she has dreams about the boy whose glasses are just broken. Contributed to IFSAK short film competition and 13. Ankara International Film Festival.
Ozge Samanci
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