Embodied Comics: Egg's Journey
Embodied Comics is a computer vision based full-body interactive storytelling environment that also functions as a comic strip generator.
Contribution to Murmur, Aimee Raydorowski's interactive kinetic sculptural installation. Grillwork allows a participant to activate 100 hundred small square fans through sound which will then stimulate hundreds of pieces of paper to create dramatic black and white patterns.
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Ozge Samanci
Media Art
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GPS Comics: Seeing thru Walls
GPS Comics: Seeing thru Walls is a GPS based comics story that expands the comic canvas and explores the idea of location-based comics.
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Fiber Optic Ocean is a data driven interactive installation that composes music. This installation creates unique musical scores dependent on live data. Fiber Optic Ocean conveys the consequences of technology's invasion of oceans.
On the Air
On the Air is a full-body interactive installation that uses sensor data and animations.
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Relative Friend
Sneaky Time
Sneaky Time is an interactive quartz clock display based on blink detection input. The quartz clock ticks when the participant blinks her eyes.
Relative Friend
Relative Friend is an interactive sculpture built with wall clocks and pendulum clocks.
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Personal Storm
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Personal Storm is an interactive installation that portrays a large picture frame mounted on a large LCD screen. The animated water waves on the screen respond to the distance of a viewer.
Plink Blink
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Plink Blink, an interactive art installation, allows three participants to make collaborative music by blinking their eyes.
Fiber Optic Ocean