This clock represents the passage of time in relation to mental and physical activity. The character gets blurry as she feels tired. While she sleeps at night her image slowly gets clearer and clearer. She reaches the clearest mind state between 8-12 in the morning. The activities of the character change in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night.
This tool draws polluted cities. The city containing buildings and pollution grows in time. I tried go give a quick drawn sketch quality by using huge circles, squares, and the single directional lines
Non-traditional display of the progress of time
Clik once. then click again. the little boy try to make an absurd deal with you.
A literary machine

A drawing tool, emphasizing algorithmic generation

A collection of simple AI agents that interact with the user and their ecosystem
Save the audience from mainstream. Black dots represent the audience. Audience tends towards the mainstream. However,users can create a force against to mainstream by clicking on the mouse. If you can slowly pull the audience (without scaring them) from the center of the mainstream you can even save people from the core of the mainstream. While you are clicking on the mouse if you make circles on the audience you can create small communities. If you do not touch the mause mainstream will eventually attract all of them.
Dynamic Compositions
Kinetic text
An applet that does something dynamically to one or more web pages
The Jiggling Individual
Keep hitting the keys of the keyboard
The Jiggling Individual is a modular information widget that enables the users to combine the stress factors affecting them both on private and public levels.
This applet analyzes data (film posters, genres of the movies) coming from imdb site's world-wide all time top movies list. The applet categorizes the movie posters according to their genres. When the images are populated the user can observe the most popular genres, or the abandoned genres in the contemporary cinema. The visual representation of the project also gives a clue about the color distribution, selection or frequency of the movie posters according to their genres.
Ozge Samanci
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It takes 15 to 30 seconds to load and play a java applet.